PHTR (Peter Hogg + Toby Reed Architects) is an award winning practice focused on ideas based research, sustainable architecture, interiors and urban design. Working on a pre-existing collaborative relationship that spanned back to 2004, Peter Hogg of PH Architects and Toby Reed of Nervegna Reed Architecture, formed PHTR officially in 2011. PHTR has gained international recognition for their Precinct Energy Project (PEP) in Dandenong, the first precinct in Australia to be powered by co-generation, leading the way in the provision of green energy in Australia.

Both principles have a strong belief in community based architecture and design, tailoring each design to its individual and community needs. Peter Hogg has designed multi-residential social housing projects and also has a strong background in Aboriginal housing, having designed many projects for Indigenous communities around Australia. Toby Reed’s design projects have been widely published around the world and have won a number of awards. Toby has also undertaken a number of cross-disciplinary design projects such as video installations for the RMIT Gallery, RMIT Design Hub, the Melbourne Festival (2000 and 2003) and the Singapore Festival (2003).

Peter Hogg and Toby Reed have undertaken a variety of architectural projects focusing on the creation of sustainable communities. These projects include the PEP in Dandenong and master-plans and designs for Tri-generation centres, as well as the development of Australian suburban passive-house prototypes for our local conditions, and the implementation of the passive-house technology into individual housing projects. PHTR’s focus is on the combination of cultural ideas and environmental research, and how these can combine in the design of architecture, interiors and urban design.

Both Peter Hogg and Toby Reed have taught in the architecture department at RMIT University and currently at the University of Melbourne, which helps inform their research based design approach.

PHTR Architects Contact: +61 03 9329 1232
L2 / 491 King Street West Melbourne Victoria Australia 3003
ACN 152 825 879
ABN 22 152 825 879
ARBV # C51316

Selected Projects

  • Unit Development, Blackburn 2014
  • Trafford Street Warehouse Office 2014
  • Central Energy Plant, Officer 2013
  • Arrow Studio, Hanging Rock 2013 (RAIA Commendation Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture 2014)
  • Apartment Building Dandenong 2011-13
  • Warrnambool House, Warrnambool 2013
  • Passive House Prototypes Project ACTU
  • Clifton Hill Renovation 2014
  • Passive House with Cocky Cage, Northcote 2013
  • Singer House, Northcote 2013
  • Cleantech Eco-Office (project) 2013
  • OEH – Portable Trigeneration Plant AGL Places Victoria 2012
  • Port Melbourne apartments 2012
  • ECB Officer: Concept design and master-plan for tri-generation building, public plaza and office/retail development, Officer, Places Victoria 2012
  • Feasibility study for refurbishment of existing building at former defense site, Maribyrnong for Places Victoria, 2011
  • Precinct Energy Project (PEP), Dandenong, for Places Victoria, 2012
  • SKIPPS outdoor learning structure, St Kilda Park Primary School 2010 (Nervegna Reed Architecture and Grant Amon) Winner Award for Small Project Architecture RAIA 2010
  • Prahran renovation 2010
  • Anna Pappas Gallery Prahran (Nervegna Reed Architecture)
  • Windsor renovation 2009
  • Northcote Renovation 2009
  • White House Prahran 2009 (with Nervegna Reed Architecture)
  • North Melbourne renovation, 2009
  • Hawthorn House 2009
  • Restoration Robin Boyds Baker and Dower Houses, Bacchus Marsh 2009
  • Restoration Robin Boyds McClune House Frankston, 2008
  • Prahran renovation 2008
  • Fintry Bank, 10 unit social housing project, Clifton Hill 2007
  • Greeves Street Renovation, Fitzroy 2007
  • Lorne House 2006
  • Clifton Hill Renovation 2006
  • House of the Gentle Bunyip, 11 unit social housing project 2005
  • Hill Stand Entry, Flemington Racecourse 2005
  • North Melbourne renovation 2004
  • Aboriginal Community Housing survey project (with J & B Wigley Pty Ltd) Katherine region, Northern Territory 2003
  • West Melbourne Warehouse 2002
  • East Melbourne Flats refurbishment 2001
  • East Melbourne Town House 2001
  • Warrnambool Town House Budget 2003
  • Fitzroy Renovation 2000