Awards / Publications

Awards: PHTR Architects / Toby Reed

  • AIA Victorian Chapter Awards 2014 – Commendation - Colorbond Steel Architecture Award (Arrow Studio) – PHTR Architects
  • AIA Victorian Chapter Awards 2014 – Winner - Bates Smart Media Award - Nervegna Reed Architecture - Director Toby Reed
  • AIA Victorian Chapter Awards 2013 – Shortlist - Sustainability Award (Precinct Energy Project) – PHTR Architects
  • AIB Awards 2013 – Winner - Best infrastructure Award (Precinct Energy Project) PHTR Architects
  • Architeam Awards 2011 – Winner - Small Built Project – (St Kilda Park Primary Shade structure) Nervegna Reed Architecture + Grant Amon
  • Architeam Awards 2011 – Winner - Large Built Project (White House Prahran) PHTR Architects + Nervegna Reed Architecture
  • AIA Victorian Chapter Awards 2010 – Winner - Small Project Architecture (St Kilda Park Primary Shade structure) Nervegna Reed Architecture + Grant Amon

Publications / Media (selected):

  • Architect Australia “At The Limits of Not” Callum Morton and Nigel Bertram pp.59-62, July-August 2014
  • Architect Australia “Interview With Toby Reed” Nigel Bertram pp.66-73, July-August 2014
  • Dezeen “Small arrow Shaped art Gallery Installed In An Australian Garden” (Interview / story).
  • Architect Victoria “Colorbond Award For steel architecture” and “Bates Smart Award For architecture In The Media” pp.99-103, Winter 2014
  • The Age: “Arrow Design At The Pointy End Of Architecture” Clay Lucas P.8, 12.04.2014 (newspaper)
  • Architect Victoria “Slice: PEP” Brett Seakins P.34-35 Autumn 2014 (magazine)
  • The Age: Spectrum “Loud and House Proud” Ray Edgar P.17 12.04.2014 (newspaper)
  • The Age: Spectrum “Betting On Our Identity” Ray Edgar P.27 12.04.2014 (newspaper)
  • Architecture Australia “Arrow” Leon Van Schaik (March 2014), also published in Australian Design Review
  • Landscape Architecture Australia “Revitalising Central Dandenong” pp.34 LAA#141, also published in Australian Design Review
  • A+A Magazine (Interview and article) “White Scenery: Precinct Energy Project” pp. 20-25 (Architectural Society of China)
  • Ideograms (book and Melbourne Now exhibition NGV) Leon Van Schaik “Toby Reed” (Precinct Energy project) Lyon Housemuseum Publishing
  • Architectural Review Asia Pacific “Precinct Energy Project”, Leon Van Schaik, pp 84-90, AR131 Spring 2013 also published in Australian Design Review
  • Façade Design & Material (book) “Precinct Energy Project” (Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing)
  • Architectural Façades (book) “Precinct Energy Project” (Hong Kong Polytechnic International Publishing)
  • The architects, 3RRR Radio show, Interview
  • Architect Victoria “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” Review Larry Cirillo p. 29-31 Winter 2013
  • Architecture AU “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” Review Norman Day
  • The Age “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” Ray Edgar (Newspaper)
  • RMIT Gallery “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” (Catalogue) 2013
  • Visual White House James R Henderson 2012 Thirtyfifteen Los Angeles (magazine)
  • 21st Century Houses “The White House Prahran” pp 2-5 (book)
  • Casa Trend “The White House Prahran” pp 54-63, Italy (magazine) July August 2011
  • Modern Lux Housing “The White House Prahran” pp 95-99 (book) Sandu Publishing
  • Arq & Design “Architetura Sem Fronteiras” Sofia Pires (Interview and article) pp 22-32 (cover), edicao 2, 2011, JPJ Editora Portugal (magazine)
  • Architectural Review Australia “Free Form” Leon Van Schaik pp 64-69, issue 118 2010/2011, Niche Media (magazine)
  • Monument “Shade Structure St Kilda Park Primary School” pp 106-107 Issue 101, 2011 (magazine)
  • 55 Hot Designers / 55 In Fifty Five “White House”, pp 252-257 2011, A&C Publishing Group Korea (book)
  • The Age: Domain “Thoughtful design a work of art” Kerrie O’Brien 19.02.2011 (newspaper)
  • The Melbourne Weekly “Designs With A Difference” Liam Carter (newspaper)
  • The Sunday Age “Home For An Artful Lodger” Ann Pilmer 27.07.2010 (Newspaper)
  • Inspire 2010 Australian National architecture Awards 2010, “Award for Small Project Architecture Victoria, SKIPPS Shade Structure” pp 65 (book)
  • Architecture Australia 2010 State Awards pp 42 (pic) Vol 99 #4 July August 2010 (magazine)
  • Architect Victoria “Award For Small Project Architecture” pp 62 – 63, AIA (magazine)
  • Mix “Folding Concrete, Oscar Neimeyer – That Man From Rio”, Toby Reed, Vol 10, 2002
  • Monument “Working Drawing House” Leon van Schaik issue 38, 2000 (magazine)
  • Architecture Australia “Leonardi Brandhouse – Elenberg Fraser” Toby Reed + Anna Nervegna 1999
  • Film Criticism “The Six-Gun Simulacrum” Toby Reed University of Pennsylvania Press 1996
  • Transition “Interview With William Gibson” Toby Reed + Anna Nervegna #47 (magazine)
  • Backlogue “Working Drawing House” Backlogue
  • Transition “Morph And The Simulacrum” Toby Reed #44-45 pp156 – 158
  • La Trobe University “The Six-Gun Simulacrum” Toby Reed La Trobe University 1992

Web (selected):

Peter Hogg + Toby Reed Architects have gained wide international exposure in architectural and cultural web-zines, including The Australian Design Review, ArchitectureAU, Arch Daily and Dezeen.

Exhibitions (selected):

  • Rmit Gallery Peter Corrigan Cities of Hope
  • RMIT Design Hub Las Vegas Studio
  • RMIT Design Hub The Future Is Here

Videos (selected):